Warning: Sexually explicit. Over 18 only.

Copyright 2007 Tawny Taylor

He crawled up onto the bed, kneeled next to her, and bent over, his mouth on a straight course for her right breast.

We have contact!

Yes, it landed on target, and she yelped. He didn’t bother with shy little swipes of his tongue. No, Shadow the Evil One went right for the gusto. He closed his mouth over the tight nub and suckled until Regan was sure she was going to die if he didn’t do it to the other nipple. Then he added light nips with his teeth. Oh the sweet agony!

“Shadow...” she half-said, half-moaned when he moved to the other breast to give it equal treatment. The man really knew his way around a breast. Another fact she was most grateful for.

“Mmmm?” He appeared to be finished with her breasts. She wasn’t so thankful for that, but she was anxious to see what he’d do next. He was heading in the right direction--south, toward her very wet, very warm pussy.

She tried to spread her legs wider, just in case he did decide to check out the landscape between them a little closer, but she couldn’t. Stupid chains.

He arrived at his destination, explored her slick folds with a fingertip. It wasn’t nearly enough. In fact, his teasing strokes only frustrated her. She wanted big, hard cock. Deep inside. She moaned. “What’s wrong, love?” He chuckled.

The nerve!

“Nothing,” she snapped.

“Very well, then. I guess I’ll continue what I was doing.” And that he did. Skirted around her clitoris, which made her increasingly desperate. His naughty finger slipped just inside her vagina, not all the way, just enough to frustrate her further. Then it went about its exploration of her labia again.

She did not like that finger. Not one little bit.

Lost in her need, she lifted her chin, arched her back and clenched her eyes closed. Tension was pulling her legs, stomach, arms into tight knots. She clenched her vagina closed around its painful emptiness.

Big, hard cock. Now!

She felt something pressing at her pussy, something large. Something that would fill her completely.

“Open to me,” he said.

She tried to pull her thighs apart but couldn’t. The hard cock pushed, pushed until it breeched her opening. Its entry was slow, wonderful. She heard herself sighing. “Yes. Oh, yes.” It filled her completely then retreated, only to make a repeat performance. “Oh, God, yes!”

“That’s it. Take me. Take all of me.”

His words stirred the heat simmering inside her to even greater heights. His cock drove in and out in slow, rhythmic thrusts that carried her swiftly toward climax. He finally found her clit with his roaming finger and drew circles over it, matching the pace of the circles with his thrusts.

Thought fled her mind as her world closed into a pinpoint of sensation. A pinpoint of intense sensation that was almost too powerful to endure. Sight was gone. But sound and touch had taken its place, supplying her system with more than it could handle. Her own sighs of delight mixed with his growls of pleasure. The amazing feeling of his huge cock gliding in and out, stroking every miniscule part of her vagina, including that special place where the sensation made her almost want to cry. His finger dancing over her clit.

Her legs trembled. The knots in her muscles tightened. Her long and even breaths shortened into irregular gulps and hiccups. A flash of heat blazed up her stomach and spread over her chest and she cried out.

“Open your eyes, love.”

Something made her open them, despite the fact that she swore she lacked the strength to drag her eyelids up off her eyes.

“Look down.”

She lifted her head and looked between her legs.

It was the dildo fucking her. And she was taking that huge thing into her pussy. It was wet with her juices. She could see them glistening.

“Isn’t it fucking beautiful?”

She watched as he pulled it out and thrust it inside again, and then she started shaking all over as her climax buzzed through her system like a charge of electricity.

“Oh, yes!” He quickened the pace of the dildo’s thrusts, which made her orgasm more intense. It was glorious. It was beyond words. And eventually, it was over.

Happy little twitches followed. In her legs, arms, pussy. He took the dildo away, set it on the bed, and smiled. “Now, it’s my turn.”

Thanks to the fact that the oxygen hadn’t yet reached her head, it took her a second or two to realize what he meant by that comment. It was when he unfastened first one ankle, then the other that his meaning became crystal clear.

He pushed her knees up and out, so her still twitchy pussy was open wide to him. Then he lifted her hips up off the bed, kneeled at her bottom and entered her in what she was beginning to believe was his slow, torturous, wonderful inward stroke. The outward one was just as slow. And just as amazing.

His cock filled her just as completely as the dildo had. Her body quickly decided it needed another orgasm and started to heat up again. Waves of desire rippled up and out from her center, from the place deep inside that his cock stroked with each deep thrust.

“That’s it, love. You’re so hot. So tight. I want to come already. Fuck!” His voice was tense, his words clipped. He slowed his thrusts even further. “Do you know what it feels like to give all control over to your lover? Control of your body. Your passion. Your life?”

Lost in the flood of sensations flowing through her body, she hardly had the strength to respond. “No.”

“I will teach you. You will learn the joy that comes from submitting to your Master. Your husband.” He increased the pace of his thrusts again. His fingertips dug into the flesh of her hips and he pistoned in and out of her. “You will be the happiest woman on the face of the planet. I promise you that.”

She couldn’t imagine being happier than she was at the moment. It was as if their bodies had been made to fit each other. Their minds seemed to fuse as their passion swelled. Every touch, every stroke brought her closer to climax, and to what she sensed with the kind of fulfillment she’d never felt before. His thoughts were like whispers in her mind. His building need became hers. And she sensed hers became his. He released her hips, let them fall to the mattress, and changed positions. His cock stroked a different part of her now. A part that she hadn’t realized needed his touch. He found her clit and stimulated it with a fingertip.

This time, when the warmth of impending climax buzzed through her body, something else happened. The world behind her closed eyelids exploded as a million colors and images flashed through her mind. Emotions so intense, so overwhelming, battered her system like a raging storm. She screamed, the sound empty and hollow in her ears and braced herself against the onslaught.

“It’s okay, love.”

She heard his voice inside her head. Felt it in her belly. In her soul. The colors faded at the precise moment the first spasm of another orgasm gripped her. Vaguely aware of Shadow’s shouts as he too found his release, she wrapped her legs around his waist to take him deeper. Although this was the second orgasm in such a short time, it was even more intense than the first one, and longer. She enjoyed every spasming second of it until it faded to tingly, twitchy satisfaction. Shadow pulled his semi-flaccid cock from her, crawled to the head of the bed and released her wrists from the cuffs. Then he settled beside her and pulled her to him in a warm bear hug. She couldn’t help but feel safe, cherished. Utterly content.
Wickedly delicious!
(Recommended Read)
Amanda, Dark Angel Reviews

"She’s a socialite down on her luck, he’s a vampire in need of a queen to save his kingdom...and it all takes place during DARK MASTER, Tawny Taylor's terrific tale of love and bondage, of a vampire king incapable of love and a woman who won’t settle for less.

Humor laced with romance, seasoned with terror and tragedy to create an absolutely delicious tale of absolute opposites who still manage to find true love between the hours of dusk and dawn. A thoroughly entertaining tale by a talented new voice."

Kate Douglas, Wolf Tales
Maybe Tawny needs give up her sources of information to someone who wants to try him out too.

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Dark Master
Masters of Desire Series, Book 1

Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Vampire Erotica (BDSM)
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Completely broke, Regan Roslund is stuck selling bondage gear to a kinky clientele in order to pay her bills. She has no interest in her salacious merchandise until she feels a leather choker tight against her neck--and gets a glimpse of the muscular, model-gorgeous man who holds her captive. Suddenly, temptation ignites...

Newly crowned king of the undead, Shadow Sorenson knows he can protect himself by taking a wife. He hopes Regan, with her new-found curiosity, will be unable to resist obeying even his most deviant demand. But Shadow would prefer she surrender willingly. For thirty nights, he’ll show Regan what it’s like to lose control as he explores every inch of her naked flesh, leaving her hungry for release--and moaning in anticipation of an ecstasy she never knew existed...
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Three sinfully sexy vampires.
One very willing woman.

Get ready for...
maximum pleasure.