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Who would have thought a simple board game could change
your life. Three women learn it can when they toss the dice,
face a challenge or two, and win...love, laughter, and hot, hot sex.

Playing for Keeps

Maddy Beaudet needs to shake things up a bit, but playing a board game isn’t exactly what she considers exciting.

Jace Michael has just moved across country to recover from an ugly divorce. Anxious to dive into work with both feet, the last thing he needs is a distraction, but the minute he meets Maddy, his employee no less, and learns about the game she’s playing with her friends, a whole different game comes to mind.

Master May I?

Britt Olsen is shocked when Andre Cruz-Romero delivers a birthday gift, mistakenly mailed to Britt’s former home. Unfortunately, what she finds in the box isn’t what Britt expected.

Then again, neither is Andre.

The sexy entrepreneur who sports golf shirts and khaki pants by day wears leather by night. And the room that used to house Britt’s workout equipment now holds a different kind of...apparatus...for an entirely different kind of game.

A Game of Risk

Taking risks is what day-trader Olivia Blake’s life is all about. Well, at least financially. Personally is another story. It takes the draw of a card for her to approach the man she’s pined over, her older sister’s brother-in-law. The minute she does, she wonders if she’s made the right decision.

EMT Ty Wilcox spends his days rescuing people who toss caution to the wind and get injured--or worse--in the process. Playing it safe is the only way to live. But after seeing Olivia in a skimpy dress that almost covers her vitals, he wonders if risk is the four-letter word he’d always thought it was.

An Excerpt From: PRIVATE GAMES

© Copyright TAWNY TAYLOR, 2004.

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave, Inc.

Maddy had no idea what he meant by play…well, no specific idea. But in her state of mind, or rather body, it sounded damn promising.

As long as it didn’t involve pain she was up for anything.

The ache between her legs was a steady throb now, and her underpants were sopping wet. Never had a kiss knocked her for such a loop! Never had a touch made her so weak-kneed. And never had a look sent her careening toward orgasm! Well, at least not since she was a virgin.

She stepped into his bedroom, not surprised to see a king-sized bed sitting smack-dab in the center. A playground! Even in her hazy-minded state, she noticed outside of that massive piece of furniture, the room was nearly empty. The men’s shorts she had collected ended up in a pile, forgotten, where she had dropped them when she entered the apartment.

Jace pulled her toward the bed then reached for a remote sitting on top of a dresser. Instantly the room filled with mellow jazz. “How’s that?”

She watched him reach over to return the remote to its place. The muscles of his arms flexed, creating bulges and lines. “Very nice.”

He smiled over his shoulder. “I mean the music.”

“That, too.”

He pulled off his shirt, and she dropped back, hoping the bed was still behind her. Good God, what a body! He isn’t real. He can’t be!

Still smiling, he prowled toward her, reminding her of a very naughty…something. Dangerous, yes that was it. “Your turn,” he said.

She swallowed. “My turn to do what?” Lick every inch of that beautiful chest, I hope!

“How about a game of Truth or Dare?”

“Are you serious?” She giggled, her gaze fixed on the lines cutting across his stomach. Oh, those abs were beautiful.

“Truth or dare?” he repeated, the firm tone of his voice drawing her gaze upward.

He was serious.

Okay. She hadn’t played this game since she’d graduated from junior high, but what the hell? Truth or dare with a half-naked man that looked like Jace Michaels couldn’t be a bad thing. Still, she’d play it safe…for now. “Truth.”

“What do you fantasize about when you masturbate?”

That wasn’t safe! “What happened to questions like ‘What’s the worst thing you did last week?’ or ‘If you could kiss one person, who’d it be?’” Those questions were safe. Her eyebrows zoomed to her hairline and she gasped. “I can’t answer that other question.”

He stepped closer until he loomed over her, his waist at her nose level. She stared for a moment at the swelling in the front of his pants and then forced herself to tip her head back to look at his face.

He licked his lips, and she licked hers.

He reached down and slipped one dress strap over her shoulder then the other, and she felt herself pushing her breasts forward, eager for the touch she was certain would come. He pushed on her dress smack-dab between her boobs and it fell to her waist.

Her pussy throbbed. Her eyelids dropped closed. Her nipples tingled, and her mind sang the Halleluiah Chorus.

“Surely you can tell me what your fantasy is.” His voice was closer.

She shuddered when she felt his breath warming her right nipple. Still he didn’t touch her. Dying for a touch, for relief from the tension that was winding her tight as a spring, she arched her back.

“Uh-uh! I’m not touching you—anywhere—’til you fess up. What’s your fantasy?”

“Oh…” Desperate to get some oxygen to her asphyxiating brain cells, she inhaled, but his scent, a warm spicy mix of cologne and man, only disabled her brain more. “I can’t.”

“What are you afraid of?” He blew on her nipple, and she felt herself swaying.

She reached behind her back and tried to steady herself by planting her hands firmly on the mattress. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

He blew on the other nipple, and it pulled taut.

Damn it, would he touch her? Only a lick or a nibble. Anything to put her out of her misery. She opened her legs, hoping he’d lean closer and rest his body against her. She felt her skirt, pulled tight when her thighs parted, roll up her legs.

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What are the reviewers saying?

Tawny Taylor’s Private Games is a great collection of erotic stories. Using the idea of a simple game, Taylor creates three very sexy and romantic stories. The love scenes are scorching, but Taylor does not skimp on the romance and character development either. Though the stories are short, the reader definitely gets into the head of these characters. My personal favorite was Playing for Keeps as the challenges Maddy had made me laugh out loud several times. Nevertheless, each story had a strong plot and a unique take on Private Games.

Reviewed by: Sarah, Fallen Angel Reviews.


“Private Games” is like an evening with your best friends – a hell lot of fun, full of surprises and laugh-out-loud-moments.

Frauke, October 2004

5 Stars!

made me smile and touched my heart...a very nice anthology that highlights the important aspects of working relationships and showing how where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Mireya Orsini
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Flames! Sizzling Romance

...exhilarating and hilarious

Ms. Taylor has written three exciting and different stories centered on a board game that dares three very different women to step outside of the box to meet the man of their dreams. Each story has a sexy hero who heats up the pages with erotic love scenes. The dares each woman undertakes are exhilarating and hilarious. This collection of stories is a satisfying and sensual read.

Jennifer Brooks
Coffee Time Romance

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