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Of course, her handsome hosts had long given up on her and gone inside, which meant Raine had to ring the doorbell and stand there, feeling like a dork, waiting for them to answer.

The door swung open, revealing Tryphon, shirtless and wearing a satisfied smirk. “Welcome.” He stepped to the side as she entered the extremely white interior. White walls. Spotless white tile floor. Soaring white ceilings.

She followed Tryphon through one starkly decorated room after another. Everything in the place was either white, black, brushed chrome or glass. Very contemporary. Large floor-to-ceiling windows cut the glaring white walls into semi-manageable pieces, the view to the shadowy landscaping outside adding earthy hues of green and brown to the otherwise simple interior. Heavy black drapes bordered every window.

“Nice place,” she said.

“Thank you.” Tryphon glanced over his shoulder before leading her into an open kitchen. Bale was sitting at a round table, a set of French doors opening to the patio beyond behind him. “Raine’s here, Bale. We can go on with our celebrating now.” Tryphon grabbed the three stemmed glasses and a bottle of wine sitting on the glittering granite top of the huge kitchen island as he walked past.

“What are you celebrating?” She sat next to Bale, and Tryphon took the seat on her other side.

Filling a glass, Tryphon answered, “Last night was a very special anniversary.” He set the full glass before her.

She ran her index finger down the glass’ smooth stem. “Thanks. What sort of anniversary? Personal or professional?”

“Personal.” Bale accepted a full glass from Tryphon but set it on the table without drinking.

Tryphon filled the third glass and lifted it. Bale and Raine mirrored him. “To my friend, my lover, the man I share everything with. Here’s to another wonderful year together.”

My lover. Raine suddenly felt like a proverbial third wheel. Especially after they drank to Tryphon’s very sweet toast and then Bale walked to Tryphon, bent down and gave him a big, open-mouthed kiss on the lips. Tongues got involved, breathing grew labored, and Raine wondered why the guys had invited her in if they were just going to fuck each other.

Sure, she’d found the whole “we share” thing odd, but for some reason, even though she’d heard that Tryphon was bisexual, she hadn’t gotten the vibe that they were lovers. Well, not until now. They’d been so focused on her up to this point that there’d been no reason to imagine they were intimate with each other.

Ugh, this was kind of awkward. What the heck was she doing here? Was she some sort of anniversary present?

But then, as she sat there and sipped her wine, watching those two yummy guys kiss, she started to get a little warm. The sensation started deep inside her chest, smack dab in the center. And it spread in waves. Tingly heat. Pulsing at first. Then thumping. Pounding.

The guys broke the kiss, turning to look at her with eyes glazed over with raw lust. They both gave her this hungry glare, as if they were about to eat her up.

She literally gasped. “Happy anniversary.”

“Thank you.” Bale’s eyes narrowed, and she held her breath, bracing for whatever he would do next. He pulled on the metal armrest of her chair and the whole thing pivoted to face him. Then, he flattened his hands on either side of her head and bent low, lower.

She closed her eyes.

This kiss was nothing like the one Tryphon had given her in the car. It was demanding, a total possession. The intoxicating flavor of man and wine filled her mouth. At the same time, the erotic sounds of male groans and hard, thorough kisses resonated in her ears. In response, her body tightened everywhere, from her scalp to her toes.

She arched her back, desperate to feel Bale’s hard body pressed against hers. Her nipples were tight, sensitive peaks. Her blood rivers of bubbling, churning acid, rushing through her system.

She returned every urgent thrust of Bale’s tongue with one of her own. It wasn’t just a kiss, but a battle for control, one she refused to lose.

Oh yes, she was most definitely in for one wild night. Yesyesyes! She clawed at Bale’s shirt like a cat plumping a cushion before settling down. Less clothing. More skin. More kisses and heat and…would one of them touch her somewhere besides the face?

Changing tactics, she yanked on her own clothes, untucking her top and jerking her skirt up to free her legs. The second she had that skirt up around her hips, she wrapped her thighs around Bale’s hips and locked her ankles.

Bale’s hands scooped under her butt, lifting it.

Now that was better.

Rocking her hips, she ground against him, rubbing away the burning ache throbbing in her core.

But then Tryphon brought the party in her body to an abrupt end when he unhooked her ankles, set her feet on the floor and rumbled, “Dessert first.”

Bale jerked up and staggered away from her, practically doubled over. He looked like someone had kicked him in the balls.

What the hell! Who stopped something that intense just to eat cake? She loved sweets as much as the next girl, but this was so much better than food.
Twilight's Possession:
Everlasting Hunger

Release Date: 11/7/08
ISBN: 9781419918643
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal BDSM


Raine Avery needs a job. Badly. So when she hears about a primo position she’s willing to overlook a few salacious rumors about the company’s owner, Tryphon Zade. But then she meets him, and it’s clear that at least two of those rumors are true.

He is the epitome of a wet dream.

And he is one controlling, possessive, dominating jerk.

Sons of the Twilight Tryphon and Bale Kincaid are looking for more than a well-qualified office manager. The Hunger has them in its agonizing grip. They need a woman for the Blood Bond. Raine is the perfect candidate, with her lush body, fiery red hair and temperament to match. She makes Tryphon burn, in a very good way, the submissive nature she suppresses calling to the Dom within him. But this Binding isn’t like any Bale and Tryphon have shared before. Their relationship is strained, and Raine fights Tryphon’s domination like a hellcat. But Tryphon is determined to not only prove his love for Bale but also tame Raine. She will learn the pleasure of complete submission.